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Your Corner of the World – The Corner Desk

The corner desk, it’s an icon. It’s been featured in movies, stories and in some of the most prominent homes all over the world. What about the one for your small office? Which one will you choose? The desk you choose is a very important decision because you’ll be spending a lot of time there, sometimes even burning the midnight oil, so it needs to be comfortable yet functional.


Designed to fit in small spaces

small office, corner desk, white desk

Corner desks are designed to fit into that often unused and/or over-cluttered space in your room – the corner. The top reason many people choose the corner desk is not only that it saves space and but also makes space at the same time.

They’re ideal for student dorm rooms, a study or a cozy spot in the living room. They can be placed just about anywhere; an unused space under the stairs, an unused bedroom or a corner of a laundry room. I know, the last one may not be your first choice, but for busy parents, they may be just the spot.

Not only do they fit in small spaces, but they can be really gorgeous, can easily match your existing décor and they are convenient. No matter the room, anywhere there’s a corner (or not) your desk can bring beauty, function and style to your home.

Even if it’s used for writing, studying, gaming or just a place for your laptop it can also double as an accent piece and do double duty as an end table, a place to arrange some momentos or display a few of your favorite books.


Corner desks, because they are smaller many times, can be much less expensive. This makes them a great choice for a study desk for the kids, a crafting place for mom or a gaming desk for your teen. It’s easy to find great quality desks that are a great value, will suit your needs and won’t drain your piggy bank.

Variety / Function

floating corner deskWhat color should you buy? The choice is up to you. Do you want the clean look of a white desk, the sleek look of a black one, one with a more neutral tone or one with a bit more color?

If you’re looking for something for writing, gaming, composing music, reading, drafting or any other myriad of possibilities, there are quite a few options to consider. The corner desk is unlike any other type of desk, due to its shape, compact size, design and functionality.

Not only do these desks come in a variety of styles and colors, but there are many storage options to consider as well. Will you need storage for papers? Craft supplies? Gaming equipment and accessories? What you will need to store and how to store it will also need to be considered when choosing your desk.

Unique Storage Options

Do you need a desk with built-in storage? Will you need a place just for small office supplies such as pens, sticky notes and paper clips? Or will you need deeper drawers for hanging files? Will you need a snack drawer, (just a thought. many of us have them).

Many modern versions, including the glass-top desks, have only a writing surface with no storage, something to consider before you purchase your desk.

The storage for a corner desk will be vertical, both above and below the main desk area, and can also have a decent sized workspace even when holding a computer monitor. Although they can be small when compared to other styles of desks, some are up to six feet high which can provide a surprising amount of storage space.

black corner desk, hutch, storage

If more storage is what you need, look for a corner desk with drawers. There are many options. Some have only one shallow drawer and a drop down top or a front section that rolls out to put your keyboard on to make writing easier. Some models have extra drawers as well on the sides for file storage and some come with a front section with legs on wheels that roll out for even more space for office necessities.

For even more storage and to maximize your workspace a corner desk with a hutch would be a great option for you. The hutch can be placed right on top of the desk surface. It will give you more compartments for books, supplies and other things as well as give you much-needed workspace for your laptop or monitor.


small office productivity, corner desk

It makes you feel better when you’re productive and you complete or at least make headway on those projects you’ve been meaning to finish. And one giant step towards that goal is your corner desk.

You need to have your own space to do whatever it is you like or want to do. It’s is a must. Having all the things you need in one small area is not only convenient, but it will help you get more done in less time and lead to greater productivity. And isn’t that what you really want?

No matter the type of activity you choose, having that one special place to go to, one that is all your own, puts you in the right zone or frame of mind. It gets you ready for the task ahead and inspires you. A place that is comfortable and well stocked with supplies will help you get excited and even look forward to getting the job done!

Your Own Little Corner of the World

white corner desk

A corner desk will make it so you can concentrate everything you need in one corner. The rest of the room can be used for whatever is needed or it can be an extension of your work area. And best of all, you don’t have to put them in a corner!  They can be placed anywhere you have space.

Corner desks come in many sizes, shapes and colors. If you want a white one or a black one, an L-shaped one, a floating one, a roll top or a standing desk, these are but a few of the many choices available.

No matter if it’s for work or play or you just want to tame an unruly section of the room and make it beautiful, a corner desk is a great option to create your own little corner of the world.

For a desk with style, made to fit in a small space, one with storage, one without then the corner desk is the one for you.

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